Halsey’s Been Posting A Bit About Yungblud & Ah, What’s Goin On There?

It’s been about six or so months since Halsey and G-Eazy split up for good, but is there a chance that she’s maybe dating UK pop-tinged punk angel, Yungblud (aka Dominic Harrison)? Please Lord let this be true because my ship is all manned up and ready to sail off into the sunset here.

[jwplayer y5bz6doa]

So it’s a lot of speculation and rumours at this point, but let us put on our investigator hats, and whip out our magnifying glasses and get all Sherlock Holmes on this.

Over the last couple of months, Halsey’s been posting photos that hint at her hanging out with Yungblud while she’s taking some time off to complete her next album. Posts including this very obvious one of them looking cute as fuckin’ buttons back in December last year.


Or more subtly, there’s this photo of a Polaroid of her with the caption ‘happy’, that seems to have Yungblud’s trademark bright pink socks in it. Note that it’s got “rock n roll star” scribbled on it too. See Exhibit B:


And then there’s this moody-yet-romantic lookin’ photo of Halsey and a ~non-descript tall man potentially in pink socks~ who also looks extremely like Yungblud wandering down a street which looks like it has that quintessential dreary England-keep-my-bones vibe.


She’s also posted vids on her Insta story from his shows in France, shouting out the lad and encouraging her followers to get along to his Europe tour dates which IMO is so cute and supportive.

Now let’s not get it twisted here, they absolutely could just be newfound friends because shock horror, men and women are completely capable of being mates without sexual tension! I know! Isn’t that wild and also absolutely normal and fine? It’s pretty understandable that two people who seem to have the same values and taste in music would gravitate towards each other.

But some part of me deep down in the very depths of my heart really hopes that these two are having a cheeky snog. Like, as if that wouldn’t just be the most adorable thing – two people who are proudly themselves and also extremely nowhere near the ends of their emo phases (lol same) being in love and supporting and championing each other. I love it. I LOVE IT.

As I said, this ship is shipshape and ready to take to the waters here, people.