Guys, Matilda’s Bruce Bogtrotter Is Legit A Young Hugh Jackman These Days

We all know that Mara Wilson – the plucky little scamp who played the title role in the hit 1996 kids film Matilda – grew up to be a badass woman, brilliant writer, and by a country mile the best person on Twitter (Hi, Mara! *waves*). But what of the rest of the cast?

What about little Bruce Bogtrotter? The meek young boy who rose up to the tyranny of Agatha Trunchbull‘s oppressive regime at Crunchem Hall? The young man who united a whole school for one brief, glorious moment as he conquered Principal Trunchbull’s cruel and unusual punishment?

As it turns out, Jimmy Karz – the young lad who played the role of Bogtrotter – caught himself a little case of Neville Longbottom Syndrome, and grew into a bit of a looker.
Also adult-Brucey bares a ridiculous resemblance to Hugh Jackman.
It’s pretty uncanny.

Like Wilson, it would seem that Karz has deliberately moved away from the acting game – aside from a memorable turn in a small role in The Wedding Singer

The good word is that Karz reportedly training to be a doctor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Hell yeah, Jimmy Karz! That gives a whole new meaning to having your cake and eating it too.