Grimes, Who Dated A Literal Billionaire, Was Seen Reading Karl Marx, AKA The Communist Bible

grimes karl marx the communist manifesto photos

Grimes, who up until last week was dating Tesla’s CEO and literal big tech billionaire Elon Musk, was just seen posing with a copy of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto, which reads like an extremely on the nose skit from SNL.

In her first public appearance since the pair announced they had “semi-split”, Grimes walked down the streets of downtown Los Angeles in what looks like a space-dirt-brown leather hooded cape and knee-high leather platform boots while holding a… copy of the socialist bible in her hand.

In photos taken by a photographer named Jvshvisions, who Grimes apparently called, according to the New York Post, she could be seen flipping through the pages with the same face uni students give when their tutor asks a question and they all pretend to be deep in thought while they wait for someone else to answer.

It’s just absolutely bonkers that this woman breaks up with one of the richest men in the world and then decides to be a socialist lmao.

I mean, for someone who has previously made millions selling NFTs, planned to get brain implants, written “financial poetry”, and tried to sell her own soul, this is cooked.

Not only is this stupendously rich for her to do, but as far as Twitter and I see it, it’s extremely performative.

“The irony of Grimes having someone take fake candids of her pretending to read The Communist Manifesto in an outfit that costs more than my entire salary for a year,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Grimes sucks extremely bad and the idea of her breaking up with the richest man on Earth and then immediately calling the paparazzi to take photos of her dressed like an elf casually circling her $2 million house while she squints at a copy of the Communist Manifest is SOOO FUNNY,” summarised another.

Grimes has since come out on Instagram to say that the pictures were just an attempt at trolling, and that she isn’t an actual communist. Which I’m sure is all true, but let’s not pretend the performativity wasn’t a PR tactic, right?

Last week, Grimes and Elon Musk announced that they had “semi-separated”. The pair will continue to co-pilot their X-Wing baby, X AE A-Xii.

Earlier this week, the newly single artist said she wants to start a “lesbian space commune” because sure, why the fuck not?