All The Times Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ With My Dad Has Been The Actual Worst

grey's anatomy

Like the rest of you, I’m currently in isolation. Except, unlike many of you, I’m in isolation with my parents.

It’s been pretty good, to be honest. Firstly, no rent. Secondly, Mum really likes to clean – like, genuinely seems to get high from vacuuming.

But a weird development in iso has been our nightly viewing, as a family, of Grey’s Anatomy.

I’ve seen most seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Considering it has like 18 seasons, I think it’s pretty amazing I’ve seen a lot of it, to be honest. Re-watching it has been equal parts nostalgia (omg I forgot about 007!!!) and new information (wow I forgot they actually adopted Zola).

But watching it WITH MY DAD has been a real time. It’s now his favourite show. As in, me, mum and my sister will happily chat over scenes because we’re invested, but not THAT invested – but dad will become completely focused on Grey’s Anatomy, and Grey’s Anatomy only. You can’t ask him questions. You can’t clang kitchenware around willy nilly. He has submitted to the Grey’s Anatomy god and to him he must be true for 42 minutes and 30 seconds.

I have rounded up the worst times to watch Grey’s Anatomy with dad, since I’m sure some of you home-living folks feel me here.

1. When There’s Any Romance

My dad does not seem to understand the fundamental fact that Grey’s Anatomy’s lifeblood is relationships. He seems to think it’s actually a show about medicine.

Every time there’s a relationship crisis, he groans and goes “oh come on, we’re bored of this”. He couldn’t stand the Meredith/Derek back and forth. HATED Callie and Arizona’s post-Africa dramas. Can’t stand Lexie’s umming and aahing over McSteamy.

Don’t get me wrong – he loves the couples. When they’re stable, and doing surgeries without talking about their love issues.

2. When He Sides With Dumb Idiot Characters

My dad isn’t very macho. He lives in a household of women, I doubt he could be. I would say he’s a feminist but one of those ones who wouldn’t be like “I’m a feminist”.

What I do know is, my dad is almost 70 and not exactly up to date with the extensive history of women being seen as simply procreators and homemakers. I know he isn’t like, hey you girls go get a man and have babies, but all of this blathering on comes down to this. In the great Cristina vs. Owen saga, my dad chose OWEN.

Every time Owen is doing his dumb shit “wahuhuhuh Cristinaaaaa you will want to have a childeeee in your wombbb” business, and me, my sister and my mum throw shit at the TV coz he SUUUCKS, dad’s like “Cristina is the worst”.

NO. SHE ISN’T. I need to have a two second rant about how Owen MARRIED CRISTINA, knowing she was 100% dedicated to surgery and surgery only, and did not want kids, then got fucking MAD AT HER for wanting to abort their accidental kid. Uh, no shit dude. She told you she didn’t want them, if you didn’t listen that’s on you, PAL.

Fuck. I needed to get that out.

Anyway, dad siding with Owen is a bone of contention in my family and I just don’t understand how he can’t see that Cristina Yang is jesus.

3. When He Asks Questions

Okay, so you know how shows will have opening scenes, and you don’t know the characters but as an avid TV-watcher, you’re well aware that at some point in the episode, you’ll be told who the characters are and why you’re meant to care?

Yeah. Dad doesn’t get that.

Dad will be like “who is that?” at 0.03 seconds into episode 22. He’ll be like “where did he come from” when the fucking surgeons ON THE SHOW don’t know who this fucking man with a hernia is.

It’s annoying.

4. When He Tries To Predict The Future

So as I said, I’ve watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy. Not HEAPS, but a lot. This means I’ve often known the outcome of an overarching plotline before my parents.

So when dad’s like “I bet Meredith gets fired” or “I bet the shooter is that guy”, it’s really annoying to have to keep a poker face. Even more annoying is when he has INSANELY INCORRECT theories like “I reckon Yang’s gonna die this episode” and “I bet Derek’s CLEARLY GOING TO SURVIVE PATIENT dies”.

5. When There’s A Sex Scene


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