Grey’s Anatomy Bringing Back That Fan Fave Made Everyone Piss Tears, So Here’s The Best Tweets

grey's anatomy george

The latest Grey’s Anatomy episode reunited Meredith Grey with a long-gone friend, and let me tell you – the people are sobbing. I’m not sure what this show has done to us all, but it should be studied. (WARNING: This post is about to spoil *everything* about the episode.)

As we’ve already covered, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) came face-to-face with sweet, baby-faced George O’Malley (T.R. Knight), the second of Season 17’s heart-stopping reunions.

George, of course, died at the end of Season 5. He was hit by a bus while saving a woman, dying in one of the most gut-wrenching scenes Grey’s Anatomy has ever done. (Yes, I’m including all of Izzy and Denny in S2. The moment Meredith realises the badly pulverised body in front of her is George’s? I can’t think about it without welling up.)

But Grey’s brought him back in Meredith’s coronavirus-induced fever dream, the same way they did her husband Derek Shepherd. And the fans watching in real time (yes! they still exist!) lost it.

Fans pointed out that their beach scene mirrors so many George and Meredith scenes, who despite that awkward one-sided love affair and terrible one-night hook-up, actually had one of the most endearing friendships on the show.

George and Meredith caught up about old times. Meredith told George she was “so mad” at him for choosing somebody else over himself.

“I didn’t know I was gonna die,” George replied.

Meredith then told him that George going all in for everyone – friends, family, a woman at the bus stop – always stayed with her. “You changed my life.”

If you’re ready to piss some tears, here’s that scene:

Grey’s already brought back McDreamy for a lil’ reunion. Whispers of Patrick Dempsey‘s return made the media, but damn if they didn’t keep Knight’s return under wraps.

This season is all about the pandemic, because how do you do a medical drama without covering it? It could also be Grey’s Anatomy‘s final season, so it could be more than just time and a desire to make Grey’s fans dangerously dehydrated behind bringing these characters back. It might be Grey’s saying goodbye.

One thing is for absolute certain: we need Lexi.