I 100% Believe This Conspiracy Theory That Greta Thunberg Is A Time-Traveller From 1898

Greta Thunberg is too good for this world, which is exactly why I’ve dived head first into this conspiracy theory that she is, in fact, a time traveller. Because anyone who is doing good things could not possibly be from this trash-human planet right now, am I right?

[jwplayer gxLFr3ky]

Someone, according to 7 News, managed to find this Ye Olde photo from the University of Washington archives, and did a double take because hot damn, how much does the kid on the left look exactly like Greta? Extremely so.

Credit: University of Washington

Let’s assess here, shall we?

The general theory – and yes, we’re all semi-joking except for me who is absolutely 100% on board with this – is that she’s from the future and is time-travelling to key points in history to fight climate change. She probably lives underground or something, Bladerunner vibes.

The pic, by the way, is of three kids working in a gold mine in North-West Canada in 1898. You know, regular old child labour of the 1800s stuff. So that ruins my theory that Greta was back in the ye oldes to fight the Industrial Revolution which would pave the way for our huge manufacturing monster companies belching all this shit into the air/rivers/whatever. Sadly she’d be decades too late for that.

Whatever! Maybe some other sneaky shit was going on specifically in that gold mine, and she had to go under cover as a regular old worker to infiltrate it. Clearly, this should absolutely be the setting of a film – Hollywood, do your best.