We Regret To Inform You That Greg Norman Is Insanely Nude Again

We regret to inform you that Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman, Aussie golfing legend and friend to Donald Trump, is once again wildly, unsustainably nude. According to Golf Digest, Norman will be appearing in ESPN‘s Body Issue at the ripe old age of 62.

We are all familiar with Norman’s upsettingly good rig, and his propensity to take all his clothes off for his Instagram, which is one of the most borderline illegal accounts one could ever set their eyes upon. Take this famous image of the beautiful Colorado wilderness, marred by the visage of what is either The Shark’s nude body or a large misshapen leather handbag. Science is yet to confirm.

Golf Diest cites ESPN in reporting Norman’s advice for maintaining the fiercest old dude rig this side of the Pacific Ocean:

My outflows completely dictate my inflows. I won’t put anything in my body that I know I can’t exhaust in my first session in the gym. … Your body gives you what you give it. So my body’s giving [me] everything that I wanted out of it. It thanks me on a daily basis.

Even a cursory glance at his Instagram also confirms that he has an intense workout regimen, most of which seems to take place in various stages of undress in the gym of his enormous mansion.

Anyway, here are the results of that fanatical commitment to being ripped and nude, two things we should all aspire to be more often:

May God have mercy on his soul.