HELL YES: Saturn And Jupiter Are Aligning Tonight And It’s All Good News For Every Star Sign

It’s December 21! The big day! Now, if you’re not wildly into astrology, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, but long story short, tonight marks the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, also known as the Christmas Star.

Now, if you’d rather just set up your telescope, sit on a hill and watch two of the biggest planets in our solar system merge together into one big light, then we’ve written up a guide on how to see the Christmas Star from Australia that you can peep right here.

If you’re more of a spiritual or insightful soul, then you’d probably get a lot more out of tonight then just a pretty star in the sky. Tonight is the December solstice, which also happens to have the great conjunction on the same day, which is ALSO aligning in Aquarius at zero degrees.

Might sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo, but to break it down in laymans terms, this basically means that things will start to reset at a massive level. It’s been 200 years of Jupiter and Saturn lining up in an earth sign, but now we’re entering air, and things are about to become so much better. Think of it as Earth going through a little spiritual rebirth. Dying her hair and rocking a new fit.

It’s a great time for manifesting, and an even greater time to be alive, so for once, there won’t be any bad implications for the star signs. Here’s the goodness that is coming your way depending on your star sign.


Oooh baby, if you’ve ever wanted your time in the sun, think of this great conjunction alignment as you being flung into the ball of fire itself. Like Icarus but without the burning wings. It’s time to fly!!

Popularity and status are going to be yours in this era, but that can mean a lot of things. Moving up the ranks in your workplace, strengthening your friendships, or quite literally becoming recognised on a greater level for your greatness.


You’ve got a dream? It’s time to make it yours bb. With things quite literally aligning in your favour, it is quite simply your time to cease everything you want.


The great conjunction marks the beginning of an important time for you to let go of the past. You’ll be emerging into a brand new you, so get ready to drop those toxic relationships, dump those bad friends, quit that soul-crushing job and embrace the things you want to in life.

You’ve got the power in you to achieve greatness, so go on out there and do it!


It’s all about the home in this new era, and making your little nest as perfect as it can be. Domestic perfection awaits you, as you start to see the importance of not only settling down in a place that makes you feel happy, but that looks impeccable too.

Happy home hunting!


It’s relationships season binches. Got a boo? Great! Things are going to become so much better with them. Searching for a boo? This new era is going to signify some of the best relationships you’ve ever had in your life, whether they stick around or not.

Again, happy hunting!


I’m trying to give you lot a fair go and offer up as many words as I gave the other star signs, but essentially, things are gonna be pretty bloody perfect for the Cancers. In all aspects. Now go forth Cancerians, go be happy or something.


Communication is KEY! And I don’t mean that we need to open up more, I mean that communication for us Sags is going to become astronomically better. If you have a job of any sorts that uses words (which let’s be real, most do), you are going to find your proficiency in communicating what you mean to get what you want will increase tenfold.

Now, as a Sag, this is some good news for once, so I’m going to take it and run with it. Time to raise our voices and be HEARD!


Virgo friends, chill. You’ve spent the last 200 years on the GRIND, so it’s time to learn how to relax and take some time for yourself for once. I cannot put it more simply than, please, sit the fuck down (on a couch or comfy hammock preferably, are your feet not tired??).


This may feel a bit cruel to tell you in a COVID world, but this brand new era in Aquarius that we are entering thanks to the great conjunction is supposed to mean bit things for you lot in the sphere of travel. But hey, there are still some places within Australia that you can hit up, so maybe you should consider broadening your adventures to somewhere here instead of across the pond.


This is your era of redemption oh capricornians. Any mistakes, errors or wrongdoings of the past are ready to be remedied, you just need to take those extra steps to patch them up.

This way, your coming years will be fruitful AF.


Time to branch out Aries, because you are going to be the most personable and loving person you can be in the coming years. Ever wanted a squad of bad bitches? Now is your time to form it. Get together with all the best people you know, or some that you don’t, and really form those special connections in this time.


Just keep doing what you’re doing, because it is working and it is beautiful. Much love to you all.