Grant Denyer Spilled On The One Aussie Celeb Who Completely Fucked Up On ‘Family Feud’

Some people are truly just not cut out for quick-paced, thinking-on-your-feet brain games. And hey, that’s fine but also let me know so I never put you in my trivia team. It’s not just us plebs who have an absolute brain fart when it comes to playing these trivia-based games, because Grant Denyer has dished on the one Aussie celeb who absolutely fucking sucked at ‘Family Feud’.

You know the ones, they’re the people who just stand there with their mouths opening and closing like a stunned mullet, while you’re sitting on your ass at home screaming answers at the telly. Some people just straight-up blank, and others try to over-analyse everything, which is exactly what Waleed Aly did when he appeared on the show.

Grant told that when Waleed came on the show as part of The Project’s team, he couldn’t stop over-thinking his answers, which in turn caused him to absolutely fucking bomb and become the worst celeb to enter the ‘Family Feud’ battleground.

family feud worst celeb
Ahhhh buddy. (Image: Channel 10)

You see, the trick of the game is to try and think like the common Aussie. You want to try and find the most-answered response to maximise your points, but because Waleed got too intellectual about it, he wasn’t thinking like the average Aussies the show gets its answers from.

Bless, that’s so precious and utterly frustrating.

And because of Waleed’s over-analysing and making things more complicated than they needed to be, the cast from Neighbours steamrolled The Project’s team when they played back in 2016.

Grant also said that it was especially annoying for Waleed, because apparently his son is obsessed with the show. God, imagine that. Your Dad going on your favourite TV show and just totally flatlining as soon as he gets asked a question. You’d be fuming.

Although ‘Family Feud’ was axed by Channel 10 back in 2018, it’s coming back in all its unhinged glory this year for a very spesh run of episodes, to celebrate the frontline workers who have endured all the shit 2020 has thrown at us so far.

So if you or someone you know has been working hard during the global shutdown, chuck your hat in over here for your chance to get on the telly and try to take home $100k.

Just, please, take a leaf out of Waleed Aly’s book and don’t over-complicate it for yourself. Just don’t…think.