SPOILER WARNING. Obviously this post includes spoilers from last night’s ‘GoT’ premiere. Go watch S7E01 if you haven’t already done so.

IT’S BACK BABY! ‘Game of Thrones, the epic boobs and dragons TV show, returned with its seventh season premiere last night and you bloody well know what’s next: excruciatingly detailed analysis of every god damn millisecond of it.

Heaps of cool shit went down in last night’s episode (not to mention HBO and Foxtel’s servers), but we’re focusing on one scene in particular featuring the recently-returned-from-the-maybe-dead, Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane, who we saw burying a couple of super-actually-dead corpses.

Whilst dead bodies are not usually cause for too much attention in ‘GoT‘, as each episode generally features anywhere from three to three thousand, eagle-eyed viewers were quick to point out that we’ve deffo seen these two before, albeit with much more skin still attached.

Way back in Season 4 when there was still greenery in the majority of episodes and Arya was still a wee little non-assassin, her and Houndy Boy were traipsing around the place when they were taken in by a kindly old man and his daughter, before the Hound stole his shit, punched him in the gob and smirked how “they won’t last the winter.”

‘GoT’ Showrunners Confirm Identity Of Those Rando Corpses The Hound Buried

Those two, but like HEAPS more dead.

Showrunners Dave and D.B. confirmed that the near-skeletons The Hound so respectfully put to rest in last night’s episode are indeed supposed to be the father-daughter-duo from S4, pointing to how this furthers Sandor’s character redemption arc as he struggles to deal with his newfound guilt.

One of the biggest about-faces in characterisation over the show’s seven seasons, seeing The Hound become an almost pure-hearted protagonist figure in last night’s ep was a personal highlight for me and I seriously love these small but detailed connections to the past.

Welp, there ya go. To everyone who missed this like I did, you’re welcome. To everyone who clocked it as it happened, congrats on your no-doubt insanely huge brain capable of untold powers of memory.

Photo: Game of Thrones / HBO.