‘GoT’ Dropped A New Season 7 Trailer At Comic-Con & Melisandre, Hey Girl!

It’s been six days since episode one of Game of Thrones‘s seventh season, which means fans are practically climbing the walls in anticipation of their next blood-and-boobies fantasy hit. 
While this isn’t exactly the kind of warm, soporific high that an entire early episode would be, it’s definitely something: GoT‘s special Season 7 “Weeks Ahead” trailer, screened at Comic Con and absolutely chockers with brand-new glimpses of all the fire-breathing, alliance-forming and evil-queening to come.  

That’s a lot going on in just 60 seconds. We’ve got confirmation that Melisandre‘s snuck her red self into Dragonstone; we’ve got Euron Greyjoy returning to a rapturous King’s Landing with what’s gotta be that “gift” he wouldn’t shut up about (and are they ropes in his hands? IS THE GIFT INDEED A PERSON/S???); we’ve got Littlefinger pulling some many-worlds-theory bullshit at Sansa, who definitely does not deserve this; we’ve got Jon Snow saying “Daenerys” and giving us all the low-down shivers. 
People are VERY excited, which certainly says something about how thorough a grip this cursed series has on our collective consciousness. 

Freaking out over an extra sixty seconds of promo material. These are our lives now; don’t try to fight it.

Image: Game Of Thrones.