Gossip Girl vs 90210 M usic W ars

From Degrassi to 90210 to Dawsons Creek to the O.C and Gossip Girl every few years a teen drama comes along that captures the minds of the attention deficient youth of its time. They run for a few years until all the lead characters have all dated each other and people grow tired of the “zany” and “token” characters that get tenuously weaved into storylines to “spice” things up.

Version 2.0 of 90210 however throws a serious spanner in the works. What happens when a past series is resucitated, re-tooled and pitted against the latest in the chain? Who would win in a 90210 vs Gossip Girl death-match? Surely Americans would’ve thought they’d seen the end of bloody East vs West coast rivalries?

According to music blog Pretty Much Amazing (notorious for posting Pretty Much Anything with the prefix .mp3) the best way to do this is by comparing episode by episode the music that each show uses within their shows. After-all what better way to win over the masses and avoid zany tokenistic cast additions than by selecting “hip up-and-coming artists” like Vampire Weekend and Santogold to prove to an impressionable audience that you should be their number one “rich kids gone wild” drama series.

Notable highlights from the competition so far include Gossip Girl’s use of LCD Soundsystem’s “New York I Love You” in episode 1 of season 2 and 90210 jumping on The Virgins’ bandwagon whose flag Gossip Girl was like totally waving in Season 1.

After 3 episodes The scales are currently tipped in favour of the east coast with Gossip Girl sitting at two wins vs 90210 only managing the one.

Check the action for yourself, stay tuned for more updates and vote for yourself at Pretty Much Amazing

If you’re in Australia and lacking in the Foxtel stakes check out a magic Gossip Girl moment below: