I’m Still Puzzled By Serena Wearing Her Grad Cap Tassel As A Hair Extension On ‘Gossip Girl’

Ya know how over time people have come to realise that Carrie is the WORST character on Sex and the City and Miranda, who we used to recoil over, is actually numero uno?

Well I feel like Serena is the Carrie equivalent of Gossip Girl, only in both occasions, I am actually still a big fan of our blonde leads (IDK why, I just am).

But one thing that I simply cannot forgive Serena for is her heinous graduation look from the season 2 finale.

In the iconic ep where the extremely attractive (and scandalous) grade graduate from high school, everyone appears all polished and proper in their robes, then the camera cuts to Blair and Serena and I’m sure I’m not the only one who audibly gasped at the sight.






same, blair

I went to a private Catholic school and I know how bloody strict they are with uniforms, especially when it comes to graduation.

We were gravely warned by our teachers that if we rock up with so much as a conspicuous piece of jewellery, we’d have the item forcibly removed or we would be forcibly removed and transported to the fiery pits of hell, along with our friends, relatives and pets for the rest of eternity.

So first of all, how the FUCK was she allowed to break the uniform code and stand out like a sore thumb?

And second of all, why did Serena, a self-professed fashionista, think that this was a fire style idea?

The lewk is so awful that it’s already come back to haunt her via this viral TikTok vid.

We all look back on our high school pics with shame but I look back on this fashion blunder with an unimaginable amount of shame.

Shame, Serena, shame.

serena looking over her grad pics