Kristen Bell Is Back In The First Gossip Girl Reboot Teaser & You Know You Missed Her, XOXO

Gossip Girl reboot

Dust off your bejewelled headbands and argyle-print accessories, friends, because the much-hyped reboot of Gossip Girl finally has a release date.

The 2021 remake of the late-00s original series is set to premier on BINGE on July 8. It’ll be taking us back to the haute-bitchiness of the Upper East Side in New York, with a new generation of horny private school teens navigating the whole social surveillance thing – but this time, with ring lights!

The reboot stars Jordan AlexanderEli BrownThomas DohertyTavi GevinsonEmily Alyn LindEvan MockZion MorenoWhitney Peak and Savannah Lee Smith. Perhaps most excitingly, Kristen Bell is back as the voice of the anonymous Gossip Girl blogger.

Just like the first series, this one is based on the bestselling books by Cecily von Ziegesar. It’s been developed by one of the writers and executive producers of the original Gossip Girl, Joshua Safran.

More importantly, though, this announcement comes with a teaser trailer. “You’ve gotten so comfortable,” Kristen Bell intones over an XOXO-themed montage. “Thinking you’re in control.” SHIVERS.

Outrageously luxe costumes? Check. Improbably sexy teens? Check. Everyone staring at their phones in ill-disguised horror? DOUBLE CHECK. This shit is gonna be fun, you guys!!!

To catch the new series of Gossip Girl first, sign up to BINGE right here. XOXO.