Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the headquarters of your favourite all-hours discovery search engine/massive technological enterprise? Today, PEDESTRIAN.TV went on a totally rad tour of the head office of Google Australia in Pyrmont, Sydney, and filmed the whole thing on our Snapchat channel (add us: PEDESTRIAN.TV). 

The huge Pyrmont Googleplex was opened in 2009, and has since been developed and updated to stay modern, slick and trendy whilst also being incredibly fun and playful. Highlights include: free breakfast, lunch and dinner at a fancy cafeteria for all employees, games arcades, meditation rooms, sleeping pods, scooters to make travel around the office a breeze, a library, pool tables, a music recording studio, massage rooms, and a plethora of tiny nooks and crannies where you can either chill solo or hold cool business meetings. 

We spoke with Google’s very own Consumer Communications Manager Shane Treeves, who took us on the epic tour. 

“I’ve been at Google for almost four years,” said Shane, “and my favourite things include: working with great people, doing awesome collaborative work, and having fun around the office. Despite enjoying ourselves, we also work hard and the team here builds a lot of Google’s latest technology. Google Maps was actually created here in Sydney more than 10 years ago, and we are doing great things with the Android watch and navigational systems integrated into cars.”

Watch our Snapchat story below to see the ultimate in office #GOALZ chez Google:

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Google’s Sydney HQ Is Exactly How You Imagined It, Sleeping Pods & All

In the meantime, keep doing those late night weird Google searches. We’ve all been there.