Google Maps Introduces Dragon Mode Option

The nerd vibes are strong at Google Maps

After this year inaugurating the search for a Pokemon Master to celebrate the launch of an iOS/Android upgrade enabling users to find and catch up to 150 Pokemon littered throughout the world map (requirements: being the very best, like no one ever was), the only answer to where the fuck even am I? has identified that the dragon has replaced The Millennium Falcon/Falcor as pop culture’s most coveted transportation unit and introduced “dragon mode”.

Per Mashable, those searching for directions from Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, to Brecon Beacons in South Wales, can now chart a dragon route. 
According to Maps, a dragon would complete the almost 200km journey in just 21 minutes, giving you ample time to slay some goats and terrorise the villagers once you reach your destination.