Google Fun Facts Are Here To Completely Ruin Your Productivity

Friday drag got you down? Wistfully gazing out the window at all the other kids who have the day off? Work giving you the blithering shits?

Have we ever got the solution for you.
Google – the giving sods that they are – have quietly rolled out a nifty new feature in the form of Fun Facts.
By punching either “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious” into Google, the search results will spit out a random fact for you to wrap your head around.
Seriously. It’s actually pretty mad. This article would have been finished way sooner if we hadn’t accidentally fallen down the rabbit hole and found out a bunch of stuff.
Like where pizza was invented.
Or how long a day on the moon is.
Or how long the Grand Canyon is.
Or that the stickers on fruit are actually edible.
Or that people with blue eyes are all mutants and are secretly related.
Or that the US has a $1000 bill, and Grover Cleveland is on it.
Go on! Give it a bloody burl, why not? It’s not like you have anything super important to do today anyways.