HBO’s New Golden State Killer Doco Looks Like Your Next True Crime Binge In Grim First Teaser

The doco series based around the late Michelle McNamara‘s years-long hunt for the infamous Golden State Killer has finally released its first teaser trailer, just over two years after the top suspect, Joseph James DeAngelo, was arrested and has since been charged on 26 counts of the historical crimes.

After being greenlit by HBO back in May 2018, the six-part series is set to go through McNamara’s journey as she collected information and documented the trail of horror that the notorious serial rapist and killer brought to California in the 1970s and 80s.

The series, which is based on and shares the same name as her best-selling book I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, goes through home footage from McNamara, her husband, Patton Oswalt, and their family, as well as documents, composite sketches, reports and crime scene footage produced by police who were also working on the case.

Excerpts from McNamara’s book – which was completed by Oswalt and her colleagues Billy Jensen and Paul Haynes after her death – will also be included, read by Amy Ryan.

HBO’s synopsis of the upcoming Golden State Killer doco series says it’ll also involve new interviews with detectives working the case, survivors, and family members of the alleged Golden State Killer. Please tell me that means Paul Holes is involved in some capacity because I’m entirely here for more of that.

Check out the teaser trailer for the Golden State Killer doco series below, and mark your calendars because the docuseries premieres on HBO on June 28, so fingers crossed it’ll also hit Aussie screens through Foxtel at the same time.