Gold Coast Now Casting For ‘The Shire-‘Like Series

No offence to the Gold Coast, but LEAVE IT TO THE GOLD COAST to do something this terrible. Today a tipster directed us to this Facebook page for a production called “The Goldy” described as Australia’s Hottest New TV Webseries set on the Gold Coast.

*Alarm bells*

Inspired by the success of Jersey Shore and not so successful New South Wales reincarnation The Shire, “The Goldy” recently launched an open casting call for “Australia’s Hottest Girls & Guys”. A recent status update announced:

“The Ladies seem to LOVE our male applicants and the Lads seem to LUST after our female applicants! Cant wait for the pilot to begin with some of our yummy Goldy talent!”

This leaves with no other choice but to assume the producers are seeking out the toilet of humanity that represents the worst of the worst Surfers Paradise stereotypes – like this unspeakable horror.

More details about this Gold Coast Tourism nightmare here:

Thanks to A.S. for the tip.