Start Preparing Yr Most Scathing TV Critiques ‘Cos Gogglebox Australia Is Coming Back Toot Suite

The Delpechitra family on Gogglebox Australia, sitting on the couch with their arms in the air celebrating

If there’s one thing I go a little bit crazy for, it’s watching random people chat shit while watching telly. Which is why it fills me with insurmountable joy to announce season 16 of Gogglebox Australia is making its way to our screens in late August.

Lucky ducks with Foxtel can catch the new season on the LifeStyle channel on Wednesday August 24. Mere mortals, such as myself, can watch it the next day on Channel 10.

I have no idea how we, the general populace of Australia, have been able to sustain 16 seasons of strangers sitting on their couches, dissecting a particularly juicy documentary about Princess Diana. But we just can’t get enough of it.

Of course, this season is going to be an exceptionally sad one. It comes after the tragic death of fan favourite Di Kershaw, who sadly passed away in July.

The former model-turned-Indigenous art dealer had been on the show with her husband Mick since it first aired in 2015.

Fans couldn’t get enough of Di, thanks to her dry wit and cutthroat commentary, which often came out while watching dating shows. And who could forget her stunning style and divine home? A true icon.

Mick has confirmed he will not be returning to the show per The Daily Mail.

I say we all curl up with a glass of wine and tune into season 16 of Gogglebox Australia, just for Di.