‘Girls’ Gets Another Major Cameo Player With Richard E. Grant

Following the departure of bearded seven Christopher Abbott from the cast of Girlsa show about white guilt and <3, comes news that acclaimed British-Swazi thespian with the most British-Swazi name ever Richard E(sterhuysen) Grant [pictured above using a phone without apps?] has landed a role in the season three premiere as ‘Jasper’.

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news, with Grant recently taking to Twitter to confirm his status as an over-elated guest cast member.

Yesterday brought with it word that Abbott – a poor man’s Jon Snow, a ‘brown’ coffee bean swept hastily under the rug at a Grumpy’s franchise – was departing the show over differences with deified creative Lena Dunham; he reportedly didn’t like the direction his character was heading in [up, up, all the way to the top] and has left to pursue other projects, ones that will be nowhere near as lucrative as Girls

Meanwhile, Richard E. Grant, who will probably play a relative of Jessa’s because of all the Britishness or a mature-aged lover of Hannah, could literally not be more excited. 

Aww, old people. Bless.
via THR
Photo: Stuart Wilson via Getty