‘Gilmore Girls’ Fans Aren’t Coping With The Show’s Final Four Words

The Gilmore Girls revival arrived yesterday evening on Netflix, and depending on your level of restraint and how how much you value sleep, you may have already binged your way through the whole four episodes.  

A Year In The Life is TV comfort food of the highest order, the equivalent of gorging on pizza, mac and cheese, tater tots and tacos all at once then lapsing into a gentle, satisfying food coma.  
For all the genuine joy that comes with seeing Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel bantering together like old times, though, some fans of the show are not -entirely- coping with the way the new season wrapped up. 
A big old spoiler alert obviously applied from here on out, but since you clicked on this, you’re probably not too concerned. Nonetheless, we’ll give you a second or two to decide. 
Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino always said that she planned to end the show with four particular words, but didn’t get to follow through on her intial plan, as she left ahead of it seventh and final season in 2007. 
A Year In The Life gave her a chance to end the story the way she wanted, boy, did she ever. 
The last of the four 90-minute episodes to air on Netflix sees Rory and Lorelai Gilmore sitting in the Stars Hollow town square, having a heart to heart on the day of Lorelai’s wedding to Luke

A newly-single Rory, having ended her fling with Logan and beeen tumped by her boyfriend Paul, sits in silence for a while, taking it all in, then turns to her mother. 
“Mom?” she says. 
“Yeah?” Lorelai replies.
“I’m pregnant.”
That’s it. Those are your four words right there. Roll credits and cue ‘Where You Lead‘. Gilmore Girls out. 
It’s a pretty neat and circular ending for the show, which began with Lorelai as a sassy single mother, and it has left fans both waning more and trying to guess the identity of the father. 
Nonetheless, some felt a little fraught about the whole thing:

Depending on how much money Netflix decides to throw at Amy Sherman-Palladino, we could potentially get further episodes in future, but if that’s it, then it’s still a pretty great ending, as it’s alway better to leave ’em wanting more.  
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Source: US Magazine.
Photo: Netflix.