Gillian Anderson Replies To Female #NextBond Posts With Legit Dream Poster

It’s only been a matter of days since Daniel Craig confirmed he’s noping out of the James Bond franchise, despite a £68M attempt to woo him back for one last flick.  

In that time, and with the same headhunting capabilities of the actual MI6, the internet has begun cobbling together a list of suitors for the suit.

With good reason, too. After all, a world without Bond is a weird one indeed – the ruthless, cantankerous, functioning alcoholic of a man has been a mainstay in pop culture for a staggering half a century.

Seeing as Craig broke the mould himself with his *gasp* blond hair, the internet basically asked itself why the hell James Bond couldn’t… well, be Jane Bond. 

Forget Hiddleston. Forget Elba. Under the hashtag #NextBond, hundreds of bona fide cracker suggestions for a femme Bond have been bandied about.

Fans have rallied behind Lena Headey, Janelle Monae, Daisy Ridley, and Emily Blunt to play the iconic role, but now… now, a true contender has heard the cries. And she’s responded. 

Ladies and gentlemen: Gillian Anderson knows about the campaign, is bloody well on board.

Oh yes. Oooh yes.

Of course, Anderson would be able to draw from decades of experience navigating shady governmental conspiracies in The X-Files, and by God, we already know she can rock a suit. 

Of course, when we said to forget Tom Hiddleston, we should have reminded you all that bookies have suspended odds on him bearing the 007 moniker. 

Still, stranger things have happened. Scully would know. 

Source: Gillian Anderson / Twitter. 
Photo: Gillian Anderson / Twitter.