Gillard cracks whip on betting during live sports

In what is looking more and more like the beginnings of a Tom Slaughterhouse, Julia Gillard has implemented new restrictions on the propagation of betting during live television, radio and internet sports broadcasts. After threatening to legislate a complete ban, she’s instead pulled the plug on most things.

Betting odds are not allowed, full stop. Tom Waterhouse and his bookie counterparts aren’t allowed in the commentary team, full stop. The only permitted shout outs to gambling will be by way of “generic” ads during quarter-time and half-time breaks.

The new legislation responds to a growing concern that young Australian fans view betting as superseding sports themselves. The fears are that sport has become a commodity, rather than a cultural ritual from a ‘whoa, talent’ and ‘high enjoyment factor’ perspective.

At a press conference this moment, Gillard said  “From the moment the players step onto the field to the moment that they leave the field, there will be no live odds.”
She goes on on to explain that “The proposal we’re announcing today, we believe, gets the balance right in terms of protecting the community from gaming and the influence of gaming, and making sure there is an appropriate revenue stream for broadcast rights for our sporting codes”.

On the topic of the generic ads within the designated periods, Gillard is prepared to take it up a notch if need be. Monitoring the nature of material, she warns that if it was “found to go beyond reasonable levels, the government will impose a total advertising ban”.

The man who has been accused of possessing facial features inexplicably worthy of punching is yet to comment hitherto, as he is maybe recovering from heartache associated with the influx of these physical memes around town:

Title image by Cameron Spencer via Getty