Zigi Are Apparently “Spending Time Apart” Amid Those Breakup Rumours

Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid

A week after Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik sparked breakup rumours, an insider has seemingly confirmed the couple are taking some time apart.

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In case you missed it: fans – deeply invested fans – were troubled to find the couple had not posted any holiday piccies together. Since they usually celebrate festivities together, fans were alarmed with the lack of this-picture-is-couple-goals on the ol’ Instagram.

Not to mention, fans were first set off when Zayn didn’t physically support Gigi at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show but a source told E!News at the time that the couple were just trying to keep things more private. And plus, Zayn’s not one for public affairs.

Then there’s Gigi’s last Insta post of Zayn which was back on October 21. I mean, make of that what you will but this latest development certainly isn’t torching the rumours.


An ~insider~ has revealed to E!News that the couple “have been spending time apart since early November.” 

They added that Gigi and Zayn “think it’s best for the sake of their relationship right now.”

The source continued: “They are in different points in their lives right now and decided they needed the time to breathe apart from each other. They are still in touch and both hope that things will work out, but their relationship is always up and down.”

Gigi and Zayn were together for two years before they announced their split in March of 2018. At the time, Zayn shared a statement to his social media confirming the breakup. Gigi’s statement followed minutes later. Fast forward to June of the same year and the pair seemingly confirmed they were back together when Gigi posted an Instagram story of the couple playing Pokémon.