We know that in the scheme of things, this news rates slightly lower than which members of the Wiggles are boning (the Yellow one and the Purple one, btw), but if you don’t see anything from Gigi Hadid on Instagram for a while, it’s because she’s taking a break.

The British Fashion’s Award‘s 2016 International Model of the Year announced the news on Wednesday at Reebok‘s #PerfectNever women’s empowerment panel discussion in New York City, alongside Ruby Rose, Lena Dunham, Zoe Kravitz, and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman.

All the women on the panel discussed the negative role on social media and its place as a source of anxiety in their lives.

“Don’t take advise from a Twitter egg,” said Ruby, which are among the truest words that have ever been spoken. “It’s always the damn eggs.”

And in this convo, Gigi dropped the bombshell (in the fashion / Instagram world, at least) that she was following in the footsteps of BFF Kendal Jenner and getting the hell off Instagram for a month over the New Year’s holiday.

“I’m not deleting my account,” she reassured the crowd. “I’m just taking the app off my phone.”

Kendall’s own Instagram detox lasted a matter of days, so full cred to Gigi if she keeps this up for longer than a week.

This whole panel has some pretty good advise about dealing with abuse + criticism, which is worth a watch if you have an hour to kill.

Gigi, for example, spoke about only listening to people who matter, instead of the thousands of unwanted opinions from people who don’t.

“If it wasn’t for the world’s opinions, do I think I did a good job?” she said. “Did I prepare like I wanted to to my standards? Did I work hard enough? Would my coaches in high school be proud of me?”

But it is always about this girl for me. The beautiful, kind, hard working, gracious and amazing Gigi.. forever proud of everything you do. #perfectnever @reebokwomen @gigihadid

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Have a watch of the presentation below.

Photo: Instagram / Gigi Hadid.