Giant Rabbit Sculpture Meets Tragic, Fiery Death in Taiwan

Things are not going great for Dutch installation artist Florentijn Hofman right now.
Earlier this year, his giant, inflatable duck burst while on display in Taiwan – possibly the victim of a bird attack. Earlier today, another of his larger-than-life pieces met a dramatic end, when a giant bunny known as Moon Rabbit was badly scorched in a fire.

Moon Rabbit, inspired by Chinese folklore, had been on display at a disused naval base as part of the Taoyuan Land Arts Festival in Taiwan. He spent the 11-day festival reclining on the side of an old hangar, but this morning, as workers tried to take him apart, disaster struck. 
The cause of the fire is unknown, but CNN report that it’s likely that a spark from a chainsaw set some nearby grass alight, before flames spread. Moon Rabbit’s head and ears had been removed before his body was barbecued, and reportedly, he did not suffer.
Florentijn Hofman – who seems like a very bloody chill dude, all things considered – doesn’t appear to hold a grudge, saying that he’s “relieved’ nobody was hurt in the accident. He’ll likely be taking a pause (paws?) before constructing any more giant animals, though.

Image via Twitter