‘Ghostbusters’ Goes Meta, Improvs A Scene In Response To BS YouTube Drama

GhostbustersPaul Feig’s 2016 rendition, at least – has inherited a hell of a subplot. The churlish complaints leveled against the female leading cast, and the record number of dislikes-as-protest given to the film’s trailer, mean the comedy remake has become the unwitting focal point of a certain brand of sexism in the media. 

In any case, despite repeated smackdowns from those involved with the flick, it’s apparent that conversation is going to continue whether the picture is a certified cracker or not. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are switched-on enough to realise that – and they’ve revealed there’s a sneaky, meta dig at the controversy within the film. 

Whether it’s this scene or not is yet to be determined. 

Speaking to Yahoo!, the duo said Ghostbusters‘ external drama had been incorporated into a scene early in the picture. Very slight spoilers ahoy, but they revealed a scene that sees the posse read belligerent online comments was altered on-set to specifically address the YouTube hullabaloo. 

Wiig said “I feel like the part was in already, but we changed what was said,” with McCarthy adding “we did something on the day that slightly tweaked it.” The pair said the loosey-goosey nature of the script is a trademark of Feig’s style, and it’s something they’re used to after teaming up with him on Bridesmaids. 

So, y’all can expect some self-reflexive scenes regardless of whether or not the film lives up to critics’ worst expectations. Maybe it’ll even spur ’em to focus on the really pressing issues of our time – like the film’s utterly milquetoast theme song.