Get The Train Tomorrow Bc ‘Bachie’ Star Timm Hanly Is Handing Out Roses At Central Station

Valentines Day can be a crock of shit if you’re single. Hey, even if you’re loved up, it might be The Worst Day Ever for you anyway. But here’s one thing to make Valentines Day a bit sweeter – your dream boyfriend from The Bachelorette, Timm Hanly, is going to be at Sydney’s Central Station tomorrow morning, handing out roses on behalf of The Iconic.

Yep, you can meet Timm in the flesh and hope that your strong handshake and romantic stare will set a fire in his heart for you that will never go out. He’ll be handing out paper roses (we stan sustainability) from The Iconic, along with an additional surprise from the brand they say you can “keep yourself, or give to a loved one”. Lol I’m not giving whatever it is away! Gimme the present!

Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield will be in walking distance, too. She’s setting herself up at Martin Place – so you can try to win Timm’s heart over, then head to Abbie and try and make her your BFFL if you like.

PSA, though – Timm Hanly and Abbie Chatfield are kicking things off at 8am this Friday 14th February and it’s limited paper roses stock, so get on that commute early if you wanna actually meet them.

It’s all to celebrate The Iconic’s Valentines Day gifting, which has their… iconic… (lol) lighting fast delivery service, for anyone who has been a bit shit and needs to suck up to their partner on V Day. Or just because. Or just for yourself, like I’ll be doing.

Any excuse to buy some new By Charlotte earrings, amirite.