Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister) are heading to Australia to make Alex Proyas’ $150 million film Gods of Egypt.

Hear that Sydney? They’re going to turn you into mythical ancient Egypt. Not sure how that is going to work, but with the magic of Hollywood and $150 million just about anything is possible. Look at Ryan Reynolds and his career, he’s a shining example.

The Gods of Egypt centres on a young thief who enlists the help of Horus (Coster-Waldau) on a quest to bring his beloved back from the dead. Along the way Horus tries to get revenge for the murder of his father, Osiris, who was killed by his uncle Set (Butler). We should have paid more attention in Ancient History. It sounds like a Mexican soap opera so far, and we don’t hate it.

Back in 2012, Proyas was going to shoot an adaption of the epic poem Paradise Lost with Bradley Cooper as Lucifer. Thanks to concerns over visual effects and budget, the project fell over. Now instead of getting to see the sexiest man alive chilling at Bondi we get Jaime Lannister instead.

Let’s hope he doesn’t lose his other hand.