Beloved Aussie TV show Neighbours has officially promoted Georgie Stone to a show regular after her exceptional performance as Mackenzie Hargreaves earlier this year, according to Digital Spy.

Since entering the world of Ramsay St earlier this year, Georgie has received an overwhelmingly positive response for her acting skills, and the character development of Mackenzie Hargreaves, thus prompting show runners to give her a regular spot on the show.

Mackenzie Hargreaves made history earlier this year as the first ever transgender character on the long-running Australian soap that has been on air since 1985.

In addition to acting, Georgie has also worked with the show’s writers and producers to develop authentic transgender storylines for Mackenzie’s character, largely pulling from her own personal experiences.

Georgie took to Instagram to share the news on Sunday morning.

“I am so excited to be joining Neighbours full-time,” Georgie said. “I love the character of Mackenzie so much and to have the opportunity to go back and continue her story is a dream come true.

According to executive producer Jason Herbison, the team behind Neighbours are pretty keen to normalise the trans community through Mackenzie’s character’s recurring role on the beloved TV series.

“I look forward to the day when the fact that she is transgender doesn’t even warrant the batting of an eyelid. That day will come very soon in Erinsborough, and that alone is very powerful for anyone going through the experience in real life,” he said.

Georgie will become a regular part of the Neighbours crew and will also star in the five-part spin-off Erinsborough High series that’s set to launch next month.

“I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her,” Georgie said.

Image: Twitter / Neighbours