Georgia Love Reminds MAFS Viewers That They Don’t Have To Settle For Toxic Jackasses Like B*yce

If you’re looking for a positive example of what love should be, look to Georgia Love and Lee Elliott, the stunning pair who won our hearts during the 2016 season of The Bachelorette and have been a constant reminder that love is an actual thing since then (they recently got hitched and it was DIVINE).

But ya now where you shouldn’t look for a positive example of love? Married At First Sight. Especially this year as it’s been an absolute smorgasbord of toxic relationships.

While last night’s episode was airing, Georgia Love took to Twitter to warn girls that what they’re seeing on-screen is far from okay.

“I truly fear for young women watching #MAFS this year. Please know this is not OK, ” she began.

“You do not need to stand by a man who only makes you happy behind closed doors. You do not need to stand by a man who embarrasses, upsets and abandons you. Ever. Not even once.”

One of her followers responded, revealing she was in an abusive relationship eight years ago and watching MAFS this year has been “confronting.”

“It’s been so confronting watching this,” she wrote. “I was in an abusive relationship 8 years ago that ended in violence. His behaviour reminds me of his.”

Georgia Love responded, “I’m so sorry. I hope you’re OK and have a good support system x”

Another MAFS viewer tried to diss Georgia Love for taking part in The Bachelorette way back when, writing: “Well. The bachelorette was such a great example for young women.”

But she was quick to obliterate that argument, reminding the bloke that The Bachelorette teaches women that “they should be in control,” which is v. true.

“Teaching women they should be in control and get to call the shots and choose who they date and when? I agree,” she responded.

If you actually want to see a positive example of love, go ahead and chuck Georgia Love and her hubby Lee Elliott a follow. Their ‘grams are filled with reminders that legit love exists and absolutely no one should have to settle for the likes of B*yce R*thven.