Georgia Love Apologises For ‘Casually Racist’ Insta Video Of A Cat Inside An Asian Restaurant

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Georgia Love has apologised for sharing an offensive video to her Instagram Story that featured a cat in a dumpling restaurant, along with the caption: “Shop attendant or lunch?”

Instagram: Georgia Love.

The video was picked up by local goss Instagram, Aussie Influencer Opinions, who called the ex Bachelorette on her “casual racism.”

The reality star subsequently deleted the Instagram Story, and shared the following apology:

“Earlier I posted a video of a cat in a restaurant window. I meant for this to be a joke about an animal being in a restaurant at lunch service time.

“I meant absolutely no insinuation about the type of animal nor the type of restaurant, but I do see that my post did not come across like that and was offensive.”

Georgia Love added, “I sincerely apologise for the oversight and offence I have caused. Thank you to those who called me out. This is what we need to make sure we are all accountable and do better. Again, I apologise from the bottom of my heart for the offence caused.”

In Aussie Influencer Opinion’s post, the anonymous user wrote: “As well as ‘casual’ racism being totally not okay, did Georgia not take into consideration about how this could make her audience with an Asian background feel? Ugh.”

They later added, “EDIT: After an hour, she finally removed the story. I anticipate we’ll see some sort of apology statement.”

The post has amassed over 1000 likes and over 140 comments at the time of reporting.