George R.R. Martin Says “Fuck You” to Fans Worried He’s About to Drop Dead

So it turns out George R.R. Martin has heard you whispering behind his back about how he’s getting on a bit and might drop dead before he finishes writing his already-unwieldy A Song Of Ice And Fire series, and he’s not super happy about it.

In an interview with Dutch newspaper Tagesanzieger, the 65-year-old writer was asked whether he worries that his age and ill health might prevent him from finishing his much-loved series.

“I find that question pretty offensive,” came his reply. “So ‘fuck you’ to those people.” For good measure, the writer also threw up a middle finger – should you wish, you can see a video of that right here.

Having said that, Martin is not quite sure when the next book in his series will be finished, thanks to the increased demands on his time following the massive success of HBO‘s Game Of Thrones.

He noted, however, that he knows how the books will end, and should anything … happen to him before the series is complete, Benioff & Weiss from the TV show do as well.

As if anyone needed reminding at this point, this “fuck you” is a timely reminder that George R.R. Martin runs things, things don’t run he.


Photo: Philippe Merle via Getty Images