George Clooney Surprises 87 Y.O. Fan With Flowers & A Card For Her Birthday

Is there anything that George Clooney cannot do? He is one of those irritating thespians who manages to transcend any form of typecasting; oscillating effortlessly between big, bulky blockbusters, like Ocean’s Eleven‘, and making everyone really feel things in The Descendantsand Up in the Air‘. 

He also got to make out with Julianna Margulies heaps while they were both on ERand is getting significantly more attractive with age. Oh, and he finally settled down with the coolest woman ever, and they are going to have multiple bebes. What a charming nuisance he is. 
OOF. But also, I shall never forget George as his Bojack Horsemanincarnation, Jurj Clooners, who is nothing but a prankster who starred in a film called The Nazi Who Played Yahtzee, which, honestly, sounds like a movie Hollywood would make these days. 
Anyway, Clooney is known for a lot of things, but he’s pretty famous for making his way around town – not in a Vanessa Carlton way, but in a womanising way – which made it all the more beautiful when he settled down with Amal. He’s proved, though, that he’s still got a way with the ladies, and also, that he has a beautiful heart. 
A couple of days ago, Clooney swung by a retirement home in Reading, England, to surprise an elderly woman on her 87th birthday. It’s all a bit too much to handle, I know, but I implore you to read on, because it’ll make your Tuesday night. 
Pat Adams is a diehard fan of the Cloons, and the staff at the Sunrise Senior Living of Sonning had been writing to the actor nonstop, hoping he’d stop by as part of their Wish Upon a Star programme.
No one actually reckoned he would, though, so you can only imagine how much everyone would have freaked right out when they saw George Clooney swanning through the door (the dude probably doesn’t even touch the ground as he walks – I bet he floats on a thin bed of air, like Jesus). He even came with a bouquet of flowers and a birthday card, for crying out loud. 
Pat was “delighted and surprised when George greeted her”. The divisional support manager, Malcolm Hague, added that “She was absolutely thrilled to meet her great icon… This was a classy gesture from a wonderful man, and it has brought smiles to everyone”
It is simply beautiful. If we didn’t know it before, George Clooney has certainly cemented himself as the suavest of them all. Well played, sir. 
Source: Daily Mail.
Photo: Linda Jones / Facebook.