Gelato Messina Does Game Of Thrones, You Click This Post

It’s true: our favourite source for dramatic, awe-inspiring frozen fantasy confections is taking on our favourite source for the same but on TV.

Gelato Messina‘s just announced – via InstagramGame Of Cones, a gelato-based epic featuring all your old mates from HBO’s Game Of Thrones. There’s the Robert Baratheon, a chocolate gelato with red wine jellies and fig custard:
The Khaleesi, a yoghurt mango gelato with a highly thematically appropriate dragon fruit purée:

The Lady Margaery, a passionfruit and honey gelato with violet meringue:

The Hodor, a peanut and milk chocolate gelato, with caramel brownie and salted caramel fudge:

But as usual, it’s Tyrion that steals the show with this assemblage of raspberry custard gelato smashed with raspberry shortbread:

It’s a great start, but we’d like to see Messina expand the Game Of Cones universe with more characters from Westeros and beyond The Narrow Sea. Of course we’ve got some suggestions!

The Arya: a punchy lemon sorbet with a hint of sea salt and a strawberry coulis. Bold in flavour but light on the palette, with a hint of bloody vengeance.

The Ser Davos: a mild vanilla gelato with a Flake bar making it seem more interesting than it really is, topped with more vanilla gelato and a cup of lukewarm water.

The Theon Greyjoy: a gooey white chocolate gelato pierced by a pungent swirl of plum jam & garnished with a cocktail frankfurt.

The Joffrey: a frozen, blitzed up human turd studded with owl pellets with half-digested mouse skeletons still clearly visible and topped with a thick reduction of Brut bodyspray. Served in a plastic bucket with the price tag still on it.