Gaze Upon Beyoncé’s Lush “Push Party” Piccies In Worshipful Awe & Wonder

The self-documentation of Beyoncé’s pregnancy has been an absolute gift. Glancing at her Instagram, it’s easy to recognise you’re unlikely to see the wonders of life presented in such a uniquely candid and equally glam way anywhere else. 

All of those outfits. All of that attitude. All (two) of those future bubs. 
This morning’s addition to the collection is something-bloody-else, though: a series of snaps taken from the adorably-titled Carter Push Party shows the pop matriarch, uh, on the precipice of pushing. And she looked predictably deific while doing so.

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A few more sneaky shots have made their presence known, showing Bey living the absolute dream with ol’ mate Jay Z and Blue Ivy.

Social media users also had their say on the whole deal. Guess why. 

While we all simmer down and recognise that yes, women who are pregnant with twins often look like they’re pregnant with twins, let’s recognise the other best Carter Push Party in recent memory. 

Source and photo: Beyoncé / Instagram.