Gay Couples In Tasmania Can Now Adopt Children

In a move that seems utterly logical—but is consistently snubbed by red tape and strictly non-progressive thinking politicians—Tasmania has now happily joined WA, NSW and the ACT as a state who are proudly doing their bit for LGBT rights, as gay couples in Tasmania can now adopt children. (Hold those incest jokes aside, now). 

Yesterday’s announcement came from the Tasmanian Upper House, as they passed the new law: gay couples with a registered relationship status can adopt children without any discrimination attached to the process.  According to ABC News, Australia’s most Southern, not even attached state has “turned full circle” in their gay rights agenda, considering that they were the last state to decriminalize homosexuality in the 1990’s. Awkward, Tassie. 

The announcement follows the resounding success in the US as the Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional on Wednesday. The news was also received on the first day of Kevin Rudd’s second crack at taking on the role of Prime Minister, the first PM in our history to openly declare his support for gay marriage. Finally, things are looking up for LGBT rights in Australia.  

Our message to Rudd:  

photo credit: @mariekehardy 

Title photo by Torsten Blackwood for Getty Images

Via ABC News