Finding Prince Charming, otherwise known as the gay bachelor, otherwise known as one of the best-worst cringe-watching experiences of the current reality TV season, is airing now on the US network Logo.


In the very first episode, host Lance Bass pondered whether a gaggle of thirsty, sweaty gay dudes packed into a California mansion with nothing to do all day wouldn’t just start hooking up with one-another instead of their Prince Charming. 

It’s a question that lingers over the series like the faint, sweaty smell from an Andrew Christian jockstrap, and in a interview this week, eliminated suitor Robby LaRivere confirmed that yup, dudes in the house were definitely doing it.  


Robby, the sassiest, white wine swigging-est, truth bomb dropping-est contestant on the show was eliminated by bachelor Robert Sepulveda in the fifth episode, breaking our little hearts in the process. 

Speaking to Vulture about his time on the show, Robby confirmed that, during shooting, he spent close to five weeks cooped up in the mansion with lots of other guys, lots of alcohol (we presume) and no cell phone access. 

He said that, while the “deprivation” in the house mostly kept people lusting after bachelor Robert, this was not the case for everyone

“People there were thirsty, girl … Two of the suitors did hook up with each other, although it never made the air because we didn’t know about it until after we were eliminated … I think Sam and Chad hooked up on the first night. So, that’s what happened on night number one. And then night number two, remember Chad had his hands in his pants and he was making the move on Eric. So there was definitely some canoodling, but for the most part, everyone was very ladylike — and I think it was a house full of bottoms too, Mary.”

He also heavily intimated that bachelor Robert may be less than the prince charming the producers like to portray, pointing to an incident that occurred at the show’s masquerade ball but was not aired, saying:

“Robert came and sat on me, and he was very heavy, his bony butt. I was like, ‘Get off of me.’ I just wasn’t into him. Then I stepped into the kitchen just to have a breather and talk to some of the producers and Robert storms into the kitchen, starts yelling in my face, pointing in my face, saying ‘I sent Paul home for you!’, and that I should cut the shit. He was screaming and yelling in my face.”  

“The show is trying to portray Robert in this prince perfect thing. But viewers can see through that. Viewers want reality. That’s why it’s a reality show. They want to see the real deal. I think maybe, logistics-wise, there were producers in the room, so I don’t know if the cameras were shooting in there. It was a very real argument. It wasn’t for show. It wasn’t for cameras. He can flip the switch, that boy.”

Robby LaRiviere currently has a gig as a style expert on the Hallmark Channel in the US, but as far as we’re concerned is welcome to appear on any other show he damn well pleases from now until the end of time. 

Source: NY Times.

Photo: Robby LaRivere / Instagram.