Gary Larson Drops First ‘Far Side’ Comic In 25 Years In Huge Win For Dads & Doctor’s Offices

In news that’ll probably give cause to put aside an hour or two to call Dad for a chat this week just so you can send him into a spin, beloved cartoonist Gary Larson has published his first ‘The Far Side’ comics in 25 years, now that he’s finally ditched his bastard clogged drawing pen once and for all.

I remember my dad would have a desk-sized calendar of ‘The Far Side’, with a new comic for every day of the year. Like a tiny flipbook of very stupid jokes about old people losing their pets by sitting on them, characters getting into strange predicaments, and the animal kingdom turning on humans every so often.

gary larson the far side comics 2020
You know the ones. (Image: The Far Side)

After launching the website last year and releasing sketches and classics of the one-frame cartoons on the daily, Gary Larson himself has published three brand new cartoons together with a letter detailing the “new stuff” he’s going to be releasing.

He’s changed mediums, baby. Gary Larson has finally given up on his “once-loyal but now reliable traitorous pen” that would be clogged when he picked it up every year to draw a personal Christmas card and has gotten himself a tablet to draw with.

The result is three (3) new comics that he’s gifted for us (and our Dads) to chuckle at.

Well four, if you count the little old cow doodle at the bottom of the letter.

gary larson comics 2020
Yeah, this guy.

So get Dad, or Mum, or your siblings, or your fun uncle that always gives you funny birthday cards on the blower right now, or maybe shoot him these over a text or something, because I’m sure it’ll brighten their day.

Now I’m just waiting for a return of those bastard cows and their chaotic good antics. Come on Gary, give the people (me) what they want (it’s Cow Tools 2020.)