Help, I Am Way Too Amused By This Garbage Truck Nonchalantly Swallowing A Bin Whole

When it comes to wild home security footage, I thought I’d seen it all. Burglars, aliens, poo joggers – you name it. I thought I’d never come across a piece of footage again that’d evoke a visceral reaction in my desensitised soul. But then it happened – the Lord™ answered my prayers, blessing my undeserving eyes with chortle-inducing footage of a bin-swallowing truck.

An Adelaide resident discovered that his blue bin was missing on Tuesday, only to check his security footage and discover that the garbage truck had casually eaten it whole, 7 News reports.

The below footage shows the truck yoinking the bin inside its hungry body, before nonchalantly continuing about its day. Check it out below.

The Lightsview resident told the publication that although he found it rather humorous, he was yet to receive his bin back…

…which leads me to the idea of my new film, Finding Trashie – the tale of a blue bin that falls into a garbage truck, goes on a wild journey, meets a whole stack of rubbish friends, tries to find its way home, finds love and inevitably learns a lot about itself. (I’d watch that shit in a heartbeat.)

Anyway, I’m finding the above footage way too humorous, which perfectly reflects how bored I’ve been during iso season.