Gandalf & Dumbledore Actors To Marry Across The Street From Westboro Baptist Church

When faced with deeply harmful, unashamedly hateful bigotry, you can either straight up ignore it—knowing full well you’re above it, and that adding fuel to haters’ fire is often fruitless—or you can see that bigotry, one-up it with fuck-off optimism, and stand unflinchingly in their line of sight, standing up for what’s right.

Both options make sense for different scenarios. But we’re pretty damn stoked that option B has come along to stand up to the perpetual hate-mongering that is bred from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Two weeks ago, JK Rowling celebrated Ireland’s landmark referendum on same-sex marriage by fanning the flames of already-burning, LOTR x HP fan fiction, proclaiming that Dumbledore and Tolkein’s Gandalf could now get married in Ireland. The Westboro Baptist Church quickly claimed they would picket such a fabulous union; to which JK responded:

Standing ovation, et cetera.

Today, however, the team behind the infamous rainbow-coloured house directly across the road from Westboro Baptist Church‘s HQ, Equality House, has announced that a wedding between Dumbledore and Gandalf (impersonators – still counts) will take place on Sunday afternoon, right in the face of WBC, to “send a message to let all LGBTQ kids know they are loved and valued.” 


Planting Peace, the organisation behind Equality House, told the Huffington Post:

We are delighted to be hosting the Dumbledore and Gandalf wedding and stand with them in the face of bigotry and celebrate equality for all. The Westboro Baptist Church won’t have to go too far to picket this union. They can look out their front window.”

It’s official! Gandalf and I are getting married! Recently, the Westboro Baptist Church told our dear friend J.K….

Posted by Equality House on Monday, 1 June 2015

Via  The Independent.