The ‘GOT’ Trailer For Episode 4 Is Here & Yes This Article Is Full Of Spoilers

Do I need to tell you this article is going to contain spoilers? THIS ARTICLE, IT CONTAINS MANY SPOILERS. So if… you like watching Game Of Thrones trailers even when you haven’t watched the most recent episode, I guess? Don’t read on.

[jwplayer W7JCDnGm]

So things have happened. The Battle Of Winterfell – that’s happened. The Night King is deady dead dead deaderson, thanks to badass of the century (aside from Lady Lyanna, holy shit) Arya Stark. So where to from here? Well, on to murder Cersei and her band of non-elephants, right?

Yep, the Game Of Thrones trailer for next week’s episode looks like it’s not giving our Northerners any chill time, with armies marching and Daenerys – who seems to be totally accepted by the North now her dragons/armies helped win them the battle (kind of) – saying it’s time to win the “Last War”.

It also looks like Euron “The Worst” Greyjoy is proposing to Cersei – or maybe he’s just enamoured by her to the point where he must bend the knee constantly. Also, Arya’s macking on with someone again so I assume that means Garya (Aryendry? Gendrya?) is still piping hot.

This is gonna be one loooong week, right?