This Theory Suggests The Night King Has Other Plans For The Winterfell Battle

With the big battle between the humans and the undead on Game Of Thrones looming, everyone’s talking about who is going to die and whether our gang of soldiers will actually manage to defeat the Night King. Bran Stark‘s plan (which basically involves him sitting at that magic tree and letting the scary dude come to him) sounded solid… but this Reddit theory suggests the Night King has other plans that don’t involve Winterfell.

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The theory is this – remember when, in season 7, we saw Tyrion discussing his plan for taking over Casterly Rock? He had it all mapped out like he knew exactly what Cersei/Jaime had planned army-wise, and was so convinced he knew how they would play it. However, the writers totally threw us with this confident plan, and instead we saw the Lannister army take High Garden, tricking Daenerys‘ team by operating differently to how expected. Reddit user Jurkovsky thinks that’s how this will play out, basically.

We will get the entire battle of Winterfell and at the end the characters will be waiting for the night king and they will show him riding Viserion, yet when they pan out it won’t be towards Winterfell it will show him riding towards Kings Landing.

The theory isn’t completely insane – in the trailer for next week’s episode, we see the Army Of The Dead approaching Winterfell, but we don’t see the Night King… except for one scene where he’s riding Dead Viserion. Could it be that he’s riding toward Kings Landing, and not participating in the battle? Maybe.

Jurkovsky also notes that this theory aligns with Dany’s vision.

This theory also ties in with Daenerys vision about the iron throne and great hall in ashes. If the night king goes to Winterfell then in order for him to light up KL then you would expect that he would have to have won the battle of Winterfell. Which would obviously not happen in only the 3rd episode, therefore the NK is going to KL.

Damn, if the Night King doesn’t come to Bran and instead heads to Kings Landing – Cersei‘s in for some real trouble. She’s totally unprepared for the King Of The Dead with her ZERO ELEPHANTS, right?