Game Of Thrones’ The Mountain Casually Smashed Another Strong Man Record

The apparent problem with being a member of Game of Thrones sprawling cast is that, save for a few key exceptions, you’re not exactly needed in every episode, meaning that your on-set commitments can be a little bit short and scattered. This, naturally, results in a fair bit of down time, which needs to be used wisely.

Some people take on other acting roles. Some chill out at home. Some go on whirlwind DJ tours of other countries.
And then some spend their time by lazily hopping around the globe, smashing strong man records like they’re going out of style.
A little while ago you might remember the story about Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, better known to all of you as The Mountain, and how he got up one day, as we all do, put on his pants one leg at a time, and then proceeded to better a 1000 year-old Icelandic feat of strength myth by carrying a 600-odd kilogram log on his back for five steps.
Fair play to him, that wasn’t even the last stop on his itinerary. Björnsson made the trek over to America to participate in something called the Arnold Classic.
It was there, in a kilt and all, that he grabbed a 56 pound (nearly 25.5 kilogram) kettle ball, and lobbed it over a bar 19 feet (5.8 metres) high, setting a new world record in the process. That’s the equivalent of throwing a full laden suitcase up to the departure lounge from the runway.

After watching all of this, it’s imperative to keep him alive and in peak physical condition for as long as possible. Because when global warming finally reaches critical mass, we’ll need him to cure it by doing some push ups to shove the Earth a few extra kilometres away from the sun.
via TMZ.