Holy Shit, This Theory About 3 Of The ‘GoT’ Boss Women Being Pregnant Is Wild

Okay, there are a lot of insane Game Of Thrones theories flying around at the moment, and this might be the most batshit. But it still has some legs, and because of that we wanted to share it with you. After all, isn’t half the fun of this show coming up with wild theories and seeing if they come to life or not? For me – yes. Yes it is. And this theory about 3 of the women being pregnant is truly the wild shit we adore.

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I’ve tried googling this theory to see if there’s a Reddit original of it, but it seems to have started with my Editor Josie‘s friend Jonno. Yes, really. I cannot see this theory online, but if you have come across it definitely share it with us and we will amend this article!

The theory is as so. We know Cersei Lannister is pregnant. So that is a Lannister heir, should Cersei survive long enough to bear the child. There’s theories flying all over the place that Daenerys Targaryen will fall pregnant to Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen (or she already is). Hell, that one’s even been hinted at in the series – she’s said multiple times she can’t fall pregnant, and been shut down by people close to her who hint that maybe the mean old witch from back in the Khal Drogo days was… lying to her.

But here’s the kicker. So we’ve got a Lannister heir, and a Targaryen heir. That’s two out of the three houses who were convinced they deserved the throne. What about a Baratheon heir? Impossible? Not now that Gendry, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, has boned Arya Stark. What if their sex session (and, judging from the trailer for the next episode, their future sex sessions) result in Arya falling pregnant? Then we’d have an heir for every house that was vying for the throne.

I know some of you might be saying “what about the Starks”? But while the Direwolf sigil was always in that weird sun circle thingy, plot wise the Starks weren’t gunning for the Iron Throne. Ned was minding it, and Robb wanted to take vengeance on the Lannisters for murdering his dad and to take the title of King Of The North, right? The Starks always saw themselves as leaders in the North, not across all of Westeros.

Look, it’s not a stretch in terms of facts within the show’s world, but it is a stretch considering we’ve only got three episodes left. But perhaps the showrunners are staying quiet about one of the Game Of Thrones spin-offs, and we’ll be seeing the spawn of these characters fighting a new battle for the throne in the future?

I’d be here for it, that’s for sure.