Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Has An Extremely Weird Take On ‘GoT’ Incest & Honey, No

Game Of Thrones Season 8

It’s that time again, where Game Of Thrones is about to return and all the cast struggle through interviews where they’re allowed to say precisely zero about Season 8. We’ve already seen Kit Harington do his best on late night TV, and now it seems Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has tried so hard not to say anything that he’s accidentally supported incest instead.

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Speaking to Men’s Health about his character, Jaime Lannister, the interview turned to Jaime’s incestuous relationship with his twin sister, Cersei (Lena Headey).  This cooked pairing is arguably what Game Of Thrones is most famous for, and old mate Nikolaj had a bit of a weird take on it, telling the publication: “I think most people have at least been attracted to someone you shouldn’t be.”

Uh, what now? Luckily, Nikolaj clarifies his comment by adding: “Not your sister, but someone you really shouldn’t fall in love with. Like your best friend’s girlfriend.” I have to say, I’m relieved that Nikolaj explained himself and isn’t just out here promoting incest.

He goes on to point out that the Jaime-Cersei relationship is “one of the few true love stories in Game of Thrones – Jaime is dedicated to this woman.” I mean, he’s right of course but that doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t crawl every time these two come within 20cm of each other. Just pls stop, guys!

Nikolaj also talked about Game Of Thrones ending after Season 8, admitting that the last day on set was emotional, joking: “I think I got some dust in my eye.”

He tells Men’s Health that it hasn’t fully sunk in yet, and predicts that when the time he’d usually be shooting Game Of Thrones is when it will feel final: “Maybe this fall, when we’re not going back to Belfast, that’s when you go, Oh, I guess it really is over.”

Ah man, now I’ve got dust in my eye.