Holy Shit, ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finally Did The Thing We’ve Waited Seasons For


After exactly three seasons and four episodes, Westeros‘ long-lost son Gendry Baratheon is finally back.

We have been waiting LITERAL YEARS for this moment, and then ‘Game of Thrones‘ just casually delivers it while Tyrion and Jaime conduct their super secret meeting. NBD.

The return of Joe Dempsie as the muscled-up armorer (and eternal rower) was accidentally spoilt by IMDb last week, but you can never be too sure with these things. We’ve been burnt before, okay? Though not as badly as the Tarlys, RIP.

But then his name appeared on the opening credits and BAM. He’s back, baby.

“I thought you might’ve still been rowing,” Davos says to Gendry, and I still can’t decide if I think it’s too much of a ham-fisted wink to the audience or not. Perhaps not.

Gendry’s weapon of choice – a spiked warhammer – is a nod to his dad Robert Baratheon, and judging by the commotion by the water he sure as shit knows how to use it.

And it’s not just his return that everyone’s screaming about. Gendry’s banter with Jon Snow was just extremely satisfying to watch, and they way they gently poked fun at each other was just so reminiscent of Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark (who Jon still thinks is his dad).



Alright, so we know these two just went beyond the Wall to capture a wight, but PLEASE don’t let these two die, okay?

At least not until they get back to Winterfell and Arya gets to reunite with her brother cousin and former outlaw buddy.

Same, Ayra, same.

HBO has already uploaded the Gendry & Davos scene for all your repeated viewings: