Game Of Thrones Creators Announce Debut Film Project, Won’t Involve Dragons

In a week where HBO looked at the numbers Game Of Thrones has been doing and said “we’ll have some more of that, please,” the show’s creators have even more good news to share with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss today revealing plans for their debut film project.
According to Deadline the pair have signed a deal with 20th Century Fox to direct, write and produce an adaptation of the 1995 Stephen Hunter novel Dirty White Boys, revolving around three escaped convicts and the lawmen who try to track them down. 
So how did the project come about?
“We’re sitting around bullshitting and we started talking about lines we were jealous of before it came around to the familiar topic of greatest opening lines in novels,” Benioff told Deadline. “Our friend Scott Frank brought up the opening line of Dirty White Boys. To be honest, I’d never hear of the book before, even though we’d heard of Stephen Hunter’s sniper series. Scott mentioned that opening line from Dirty White Boys, and it made me go out and buy the book, and Dan bought the book, and then we got past that first line and just fell in love with it.” 
“It does grab you, the first line, and what keeps you is that the characters are so well drawn, really charismatic and awful people, so flawed. I don’t think you’ll be able to print the first line, because it’s got prison-soaked racism and is just really out there,” Weiss continued. “I thought about this, and figured, what the hell. Hunter wrote it. I didn’t. Here’s the line: “Three men at McAlester State Penitentiary had larger penises than Lamar Pye, but all were black and therefore, by Lamar’s own figuring, hardly human at all.”
Meanwhile, we have nine more episodes of Game Of Thrones to look forward to.