So, Who’s Going To Kill Cersei In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bc It Damn Well Better Happen

As we approach the final season of Game Of Thrones, we’re thinking theories. Obviously the fans who have been committed for the last 8 or so years have some stuff they’re really keen to see happen (here’s my entire article on that btw), but what will actually happen? And how will it go down when it does? For example – it’s highly likely everyone’s problematic fave Cersei Lannister is going to die before the show wraps. But who will kill the Mad Queen?

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The internet has some theories. Some damn good ones, in fact. You might remember them, you may never have heard of them before in your life. Either way let’s revisit, shall we?

They Generally Hinge On The Prophecy

The prophecy being that really bleak series of events Maggy The Frog gave to a young Cersei, that we saw a flashback of in Season 5. To recap, Maggy told Cersei all her kids would die, that she would become queen but only after someone more young and beautiful became queen first, and – in a section of the prophecy that’s in the books but not the TV series – that she’ll die at the hands of her younger brother.

The complication here is this. If the bit about her dying at the hands of her younger brother was removed from the series, does that mean the series writers are planning on changing the plan there… guess we’ll see. Most fans are keen to see the prophecy entirely fulfilled, however.

So, Will Tyrion Kill Her?

The obvious answer to “which younger brother?” is Tyrion. He’s her younger brother and they fucking hate each other! But most people have thrown this theory out the window – too obvious, even if Cersei is convinced it’ll happen and it’s fuelled her hatred for poor Tyrion.

So let’s just assume this won’t happen, yeah? It’s not Tyrion’s nature to murder his family unless he needs to, like Tywin. He seems to genuinely love Cersei even though she’s a total asshole. The poor gal’s been through a lot, y’know?

Then There’s Jaime…

Look, before THAT season 7 ending, I don’t think anyone really thought Jaime would kill his twin sister and love of his life. He forgave Cersei a myriad of sins… until she plotted to fuck over the North/Daenerys by going back on her promise to help with the Great War. Now, he’s trotted off alone to fight the wights, the first time he’s gone against Cersei’s wishes.

But… would he REALLY have the guts to kill his sister-lover? I don’t reckon so. I guess if Cersei goes completely batshit he *may* do it to protect the world, but still… not a Jaime vibe, IMO.

But Could It Be A Fake-Jaime.

We all know Arya’s taken a bunch of faces and knows how to use them effectively to kill people. So one very interesting fan theory that’s circled the internet over the last couple of years is Arya killing Cersei… while wearing Jaime’s face. The thing is, for this to happen Jaime has to die first – and Arya will have to cut his face off.

It’s definitely possible – Jaime’s up North, there’s a big war that could easily lead to his death, and Arya’s not one to be scared of a little face-cutting. She also hates Cersei with a fire – from memory, she’s number one on her list now. So this is a strong theory and still fits with the prophecy.

Also, Let’s Not Forget Cersei’s Pregnant

There’s rumours flying around the internet that Cersei might be lying about her pregnancy to “keep” Jaime around and cement her future on the throne. But IDK, I feel she’s being legit. It would be bleak as fuck but I wouldn’t put it past GOT to see Cersei die in childbirth, like her mother did. The show is all about familial curses, right? Plus *technically* this would still see her die by the hand of her brother, if Jaime’s the father of her child.

Whatever the case, I 100% think we’ll see Cersei become a casualty of the final season. And while I do feel for the character in a way – she had a damn hard life – she’s also the Worst Ever and had a massive hand in the death of Ned Stark, the worst death of the entire show. So, see ya.